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Allow yourself to think out of the box without any standards limiting your ideas. Every wearable device has unique requirements. Shape, placement, integration and connectors differ between applications. IDUN Technologies AG enables you to exploit the full potential of your wearable. The DRYODE™ offers your device clinical grade signal quality with the comfort of a consumer product.

DRYODE™ for Research

Reduce the need for extreme algorithms – invest in accurate inputs to get the best output. Along with high signal quality comes comfort – make it easy to get test subjects. Think out of the box – conduct your research in water with the DRYODE™. Use our DRYODE™ Kit or get customized electrodes to get the best out of your experiments.


Quick & Easy

Our electrodes are easy to use – no gels needed. With a connector of your choice, the world of measurements is open for you within seconds.

Signal Quality

Confirmed by customers, DRYODE™ produce competitive signal quality. Our electrodes are being used in research already (paper to be published)!


IDUN’s electrodes can be cleaned and reused. Make them your lab companion for a while.

We are science-based.

The collaboration with the bio-sensing lab at ETH Zurich resulted in a paper discussing the advantages of IDUN’s dry electrodes. We could show that they work under water, deliver good results for in-motion measurements and do not lead to skin irritations. Additionally, the test subjects reported, that they hardly felt the electrodes and their skin did not show any effects. It was shown that these electrodes are unobtrusive and enable long-term ExG measurements.

Read the paper here. (Research Literature-Link)

Are you missing dry, comfortable electrodes for your research?

DRYODE™ Kits are available in the OpenBCI store. The kit includes 10 electrodes and a few tips & tricks on how to best use them. If you are interested, find more information on the product page.

Are you researching a specific application that requires customized designs? Please contact us directly, we are happy to hear what you have in mind and how we can support you.

DRYODE™ for Sports

Reach peak performance with our electrodes – invest in accurate inputs to get the best output. Along with high signal quality comes comfort – train and forget about the electrodes. Additionally, we enable wearable biopotential technologies to go under water. Customized integration of the electrodes into the wearables brings out the best in both.


Reduced motion artifacts

We are working towards electrodes you can move with freely. Our material choice reduces motion artifacts compared to on-the-market solutions.

Reliable data, harsh conditions

Use our electrodes when it’s dry, under the shower, or underwater. Try them in various conditions – they work reliably with flexible integration options.

Works under water

We enable unprecedented diver studies and accompany apnea divers to the bottom of the deepest pool (40 m) in the world.

Apnea Diving – in Numbers

IDUN Technologies enabled the pioneering ECG measurement of pro diver Antonio Mogavero on a 40 m deep free dive. For the first time in the world, beat-to-beat analysis, heart rate variability and early signs of decompression sickness can be measured even at 40 meters under water. The IDUN DRYODE™ is able to reduce disrupting motion effects and to deliver a fantastic signal quality. “Measuring athletes at their performance limit”: this exciting project came true with the great support of Red Bull Media House.

Watch the RedBull Apnea Diver Video

Biathlon – RedBull Sensor Testing

IDUN’s DRYODE™s delivered ECG signals for athletes at the RedBull Sensoric Testdays, performing notably better than on-market products measuring pulse rates.

Watch the RedBull Sensor Testing Video

Muscle Sensing

Using electrodes to measure muscle activation – or activation even only on a neuronal level – opens a floodway of opportunities: steering your mouse to writing on an imaginary keyboard and much more.

Within the scope of the WEARPLEX project (EU-H2020), IDUN helps to develop wearable multiplexing biocompatible electrodes used for EMG and EMS.

DRYODE™ for Consumer EEG

Reduce the need for extreme algorithms – invest in accurate inputs to get the best output. Along with high signal quality comes comfort – make it comfy for your customers. Design is important to you? We can adjust our DRYODE™ to your device. Let us help you dream your dreams.


Signal Quality

Confirmed by customers, DRYODE™ produces competitive signal quality. Better inputs give better outputs.


IDUN’s DRYODE™ are made of biocompatible soft materials. Even over an extended period of time, the DRYODE™ is engineered to feel comfortable on your skin.


IDUN’s electrodes can be cleaned and reused. You can focus on other product life time bottlenecks now!

How’s your sleep?

Do you know any wearables that are so comfortable that you would sleep with them on?

IDUN is involved in projects working on such edge of technology wearables. Together with our customer we develop and test electrode shapes and sizes to get the best out of them. The end customer’s comfort is as important as the accuracy of information they can get from the EEG device.

EEG Electrodes – instant feedback

IDUN’s soft dry electrodes are the key to  comfortable wearable technologies for brain wave recordings on the forehead. The electrodes are reusable and can be easily cleaned. Leave us a note, if you are interested in a development project for your product!

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