Research Literature

Skin Conformal Polymer Electrodes for Clinical ECG and EEG Recordings – Stauffer et al.


Preparation-free and skin compliant biopotential electrodes with high recording quality enable wearables for future healthcare and the Internet of Humans. Here, super-soft and self-adhesive electrodes are presented for use on dry and hairy skin without skin preparation or attachment pressure. The electrodes show a skin-contact impedance of 50 kΩ cm2 at 10 Hz that is comparable to clinical standard gel electrodes and lower than existing dry electrodes. Microstructured electrodes inspired by grasshopper feet adhere repeatedly to the skin with a force of up to 0.1 N cm−2 without further attachment even during strong movement or deformation of the skin. Skin compliance and adhesive properties of the electrodes result in reduction of noise and motion artifacts superior to other dry electrodes reaching the performance of commercial gel electrodes. The signal quality is demonstrated by recording a high-fidelity electrocardiograms of a swimmer in water. Fur- thermore, an electrode with soft macropillars is used to detect alpha activity in the electroencephalograms from the back of the head through dense hair. Compared to gel electrodes, the soft biopotential electrodes are nearly imperceptible to the wearer and cause no skin irritations even after hours of application. The electrodes presented here could combine unobtrusive and long-term biopotential recordings with clinical-grade signal performance.


Full Paper by Flurin Stauffer, Moritz Thielen, Christina Sauter, Séverine Chardonnens, Simon Bachmann, Klas Tybrandt, Christian Peters, Christofer Hierold, and Janos Vörös; Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2018